Welcome to the research website of Dr. Jose M. Arbones-Mainar and his ADIPOcite and FAT biology research team (AdipoFat) at the Aragon Institute of Health Science (I+CS) 

We are researchers interested in different aspects of the adipocyte biology as well as the study of the energy metabolism on the whole body, organ, and cell level. Our main target is the adipose tissue, but we are also interested in liver and skeletal muscle. Our research is carried out in collaboration with clinical researchers to investigate mechanisms contributing towards the pathophysiological consequences of obesity, particularly the Metabolic Syndrome and Type II diabetes. For instance, we conduct research on genes, which may increase the odds to develop metabolic diseases. We examine how nutrition and obesity interact with these genes modifying the risk of developing the Metabolic Syndrome. Our research not only has implications for generating “basic” knowledge but also aims to provide relevant information to real‑world problems faced by obese patients and professionals who work with these individuals (e.g., dietitians, physicians, endocrinologist, etc).
Join us in learning more about adipocyte and metabolism.